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New viscoelastic pillow Visco Nature Air Fresh

Date: 23-02-2017


As we informed you a few days ago, CNC Máquinas is going to launch a new product in which we have been working hard and with which we are very excited, our exclusive VISCONATURE AIR FRESH pillow, which will soon be available on the Amazon platform.

We leave you a description of our new product so that you will know it ...

Our viscoelastic pillow VISCONATURE AIR FRESH has a 100% viscoelastic core. Additive with oils of vegetal origin, is a breathable, indeformable and anatomic pillow. It has double sheath, a protective interior and another removable exterior of 100% BAMBOO THREAD. This thread is used in high quality fabrics. It provides excellent permeability and breathability, DOES NOT CONTAIN CHEMICALS and has excellent natural antibacterial properties. Pillow made in Spain.

It prevents the appearance of mites and their absorption of dust is very high, which guarantees a highly hygienic product. It stretches and compresses and returns to its natural state easily and has another very attractive advantage, maintains the body temperature thanks to its temperature regulating system. As a final cherry, our VISCONATURE AIR FRESH pillow produces a relaxing effect on the nape of the neck, ensuring optimal rest.

Whether you are thinking of changing your pillow or not, our new pillow is a perfect choice to guarantee the health of your cervical muscles and to optimize 100% healthy and restful sleep.