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What is the viscoelastic?

Date: 14-02-2017

For some time, the words viscoelastic pillow and viscoelastic mattress we hear frequently, associated with innovative rest products. But do we really know what viscoelastic is and the benefits of using pillows and mattresses of this material for our rest?

Well ... in general, we are going to explain a little what is the viscoelastic and why in CNC Maquinas we bet on this material for the manufacture of our pillows.

The viscoelastic was created by NASA with the intention of alleviating the pressure that the fabrics could produce in the astronauts when starting a takeoff or at the moment of landing. Developed in the space program of the 1960s, it was not until the 1990s when it began its domestic use. Its properties were innovative and with a lot of benefits.

 Viscoelastic produces a memory footprint effect when pressure is exerted, but recovers its original form (High Resilence) and transmits heat in the particular area. For the hottest, emphasize that the new improved versions of the viscoelastic do not retain heat, provide maximum comfort and are super breathable.

It adapts perfectly to the body and ergonomically, relieving discomfort in the most inflamed areas of the body, which has meant that it is used in people with problems with the back, cervical or who need to spend a long time in bed. In addition, the hypoallergenic, anti-humidity and perspiration properties are much higher than any other type of material, so that, although in the market, to acquire a viscoelastic pillow or a mattress of this material, is more expensive, the benefits that brings us And their duration far outweigh the economic difference.

Since 2006, some manufacturers have begun to include gel particles and other materials such as carbon, for example, to increase its benefits. A recovery of the original form faster and more comfort, for example, which contributes greatly to sleep more time followed without interruptions, something essential for our rest is optimal.